The right time to go, depends on what you are looking for. If you want to go to a quiet and beatiful place to rest you need to go off season. The summer season is quite short, it start after Christmas and goes until end of February. If you like movement and like to be in the middle of the fun you must go during first days of January. Take notice that prices are significantly cheaper off season. – Anonymous,

If you want to enjoy the best of Punta del Este; which includes great beaches, fantastic nightlife, casinos, spas, horse ridings, sports, sailing, etc; you must go in mid-season, which starts approximately at the middle of December and ends in February, being January the top. Otherwise if you prefer peace, in my opinion, your time is March. – Maximiliano Isi, Montevideo, Uruguay

I live in NY and in Punta del Este. Punta del Este is always a beautiful place, even in winter. Argentinian and Brazilian Jet-Set go there for Christmas and New Year, it is a must-go …but also many americans and europeans are planning their vacations in Punta del Este. Ralph Lauren and George Clooney were there in January. (i missed George…:( ! I think the best time to go depends on what are you looking for. There is a web site you should take a look. It has a complete information and i always suggest my american friends to check it.The site is You will find plenty of information about where to stay, what to do and more. Hope my suggestion is helpful… – Anonymous,

The right time to go is in October in Punta Weekend. The best parties, fashion and music in combination. – Anonymous,

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