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Punta del Este, as the preferred vacation spot of South America’s rich and famous, features many quality, stylish restaurants. Seafood is the specialty in this port city. Greasy spoons are more difficult to locate in gentrified Punta del Este, though they do exist. Budget options are pretty much limited to pizza and chivitos. To browse Punta’s eating options by foot, head to Rambla del Puerto, which has a fairly significant restaurant row. As with hotels, the options become more upscale the further east you head out of Punta del Este. La Barra is a little bit more exclusive than Punta, whereas the easternmost Jose Ignacio hosts only the crème de la crème of South America’s celebrities.

Nightlife Summary

Most clubs in Punta del Este are on the chic Av. Juan Gorlero. However, many of the rich and famous here prefer to stay in the more low-key La Barra or Jose Ignacio to avoid the papa razzi and watchful eyes of the public in Punta del Este. In line with this reality, most of the area’s cooler bars and nightlife are now located in La Barra’s bar district.

El Palenque

Av. Roosevelt y parada 6, Punta del Este, Uruguay


Rambla del Puerto y Calle 28, Punta del Este, Uruguay
44 0951

Lo de Tere

Rambla del Puerto y calle 21, Punta del Este, Uruguay


Carnoustie y Av. del Agua, Punta del Este 20100, Uruguay
(598 42) 48 8888 |

Bungalow Suizo

Av. Roosevelt y parada 8 – La Brava, Punta del Este, Uruguay

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