Punta del Este – Chronicle

Punta del Este – Chronicle

In the beginning was a native whereabouts, then a fishing village.

His first name was “Villa Ituzaingó” but in 1907 he requested the name change and finally renamed Punta del Este.
This town was founded in 1829 by Don Francisco Aguilar, being the first to exploit the resources of the area, developing various industries mainly salting.

Francisco Aguilar arrived in our country in 1810, was a wealthy man, owned a fleet of merchant ships and the first barge operator in Uruguay, as well as farmer and cattle, owned grocery stores and politician, held several positions important Maldonado Mayor from 1829 to 1830, postmaster in 1834 and senator in 1840. In Maldonado was filed in 1811, bought land and few settlers turned to agriculture (the main plantations that belonged to him were those of snuff and potatoes) for rearing silkworms and the manufacture of tiles being in Punta del Este, where installed the first factory.

The abundance of whales on our shores in those years was so great that during the presidency of General Fructuoso Rivera Aguilar was granted the exclusive right to fish and fish these animals for 10 years in Puerto Maldonado and costs of the State, the sum of 75 pesos every six months. I also had the concession to operate the sea lions on Isla de Lobos and the Department of Rocha.

Francisco Aguilar as Mayor of Maldonado participated in public works like schools, prisons and churches, as the leading authority of the department’s Fernandinos he swore before the 1830 Constitution, passed in 1840 to 64 years in office as a Senator, leaving Punta del Este’s way to what it is today.

On June 13, 1843 was sold the peninsula to the brothers Samuel and Alexander Lafone those who bought at 4,500 pesos, as well as Gorriti Island which cost 1,500 pesos, as the Lafone Aguilar exploited the licks.

Vehicles Punta del Este joined with the city of Maldonado in those years were the wagons that had to go through huge sand dunes and down the coast, so the first animals that were brought to work were brought camels and Aguilar, and than with other kinds of animals could not perform daily tasks as this was a great desert.

Punta del Este Burnet Henry owes much of the afforestation has it was he who initiated the planting of pines on the peninsula, because they could contain the avalanche of sand that threatened to cover the small town.

In 1907 in Punta del Este was a small town, the Hotel Risso, the Captain, the Chalet de Suárez and 50 houses, this year the first summer visitors arrived aboard the steamer Swallow, “were a group of families in Argentina and Montevideo, invited by the Directors of the Company “Balneario Punta del Este”, which arrived on our shores on the steamer Swallow. ”

We can say that: “Punta del Este is the happy result of a combination of factors, like a hand into the sea, separating the Rio de la Plata from the Atlantic Ocean, is tame and wild beaches, forests and islands, also has an excellent infrastructure, residential areas, shopping centers, casinos, highways and roads, airport and port (tourist-sport) and a modern communications network. ”

The peninsula has a maritime climate iodized heavily mixed with aromas of pine, average temperature in the cold months is about 10 º and in the warmer months from an average of 25 º.
What might be called the great Punta del Este is surrounded by an arc of beach about 40 kilometers, within that perimeter is the peninsula and its surroundings, covers an area of tame and wild beaches and residential neighborhoods Cantegril , Aidy Grill, San Rafael Park Golf and Beverly Hills among others.

Today Punta del Este has Prefecture official institutions such as Port, Customs, Commissioner of Punta del Este (10th), School No. 5 and 21, Lyceum and Mail and private institutions of education, culture, sports and more.

On the streets of the peninsula between the buildings of various styles is a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, tea rooms, pubs, clubs and a diverse shopping center where stores are the most important global brands, giving all a great spa services.

The water sports can be developed along the entire coastline, with excellent natural scenery, as well as a large range of entertainment for the whole family.


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